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• 8m

Lothric and Lorian

Could use some help with the Twin Princes. I messed up my stats and I have no pale tongues. So I'm just trying to get to the next playthrough so I can do some stuff a different way.
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• 6h

That one npc

I killed the Capra demon so I could get the better cleric npc but when I went back to firelink no one was there what happened please help!
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• 6h

Build Ideas

Does anyone have any unique build ideas to try out? My rapier build is bogged down for today, since I just don't have the dps to deal with 4 kings until my friend gets on tomorrow. So any interesting ideas worth trying!
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• 8h

I'm in the need for some spicy memes

Post any kind of spicy meme. Cheer me up.
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• 9h
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• 13h


Explain to me why the dragon form looks like a starving deer demon. Lore that shit!
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• 13h

Well that’s It, I’ve become a demigod or whatever.

2000 posts, why am am I still here.

Though in reality id like to thank each and everyone of you. It’s actually been pretty fun, posting crappy memes with yall. For enduring my “unique” set of mind. Well, that’s about it, I have no need to thank specific people in particular. You all helped me reach this state. (Took me long enough, maybe I should’ve just spammed)

if youre still reading just know that you’re hella cute, except for Alva.

(PSN to add me H0XTON111)

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• 14h


God of War 4 with one word

Mine is epic
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• 15h

Dancer (PS4)

Place sign at high wall bonfire
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• 16h

Covenant items

I am trying to level up each covenant to get the spells and miricals and rings associated with them however being the game is getting older and the player count is low i am finding this task impossibly long. i know the basics of pvp and summoning but i just find i aint getting anywhere. Andy advice and tips would be much appreciated.
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• 16h

Surprise surprise gameemo

I was GioDude all along
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• 18h

Yo guys...Dark Souls

Weather your first game was Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, or DS3 one thing is certain. It was a new experience, for Dark Souls 1 sure pvp isn't the best and the mechanics are fairly clunky, but in the end it's a total blast to play as the chosen undead. Dark Souls 2 gets the baddest wrap of all, people are to busy on the banwagon of hate that they never experience the game for how great it really is...and it is great. And of course there are few games I love as much as DS3. From the chaotic climax to the fire fading to the best pvp out of all the games, from the character cosplays to the unforgettable bosses, DS3 holds a special place in my heart. My main point here I guess to try and remind you of how ALL these games are great in there own way and we love them
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• 18h

Fuckin Friede

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• 18h

Moving items on ps4

Let me know if you can help
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• 20h

Co-op with friends, HOW??

How can i play with my friend all the time?
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• 1d


Is it just me or are there a lot more twink builds going around than there used to be, yesterday I received a few invasions and did some myself and couldnt help but see a lot of people with very late game stuff for the area.
I didn't have a problem with it too much, I'm just curious.
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• 1d

Next dark souls

They should not stop the dark souls franchise they will loose a lot of people
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• 1d


In dark souls 2 is there any other good power stancing for a strength build other than +10 great swords?
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• 1d

Best buff for weapons

Guys I have been using carthus for a while
But my AR doesn't go above 500 on my katana
So just asking what would be the best buff to boost my AR ?
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• 1d

The dark soul 2, #23

Backtracking time! Blue heads to the Tower of Flame for the first time. Also, I need your opinion, who should Blue fight first? Old Dragonslayer, or Dragonrider? Previous comic: https://darksouls.wikia.com/d/p/3343172654596189219

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