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Help me please

Can anyone help me with vorht of Boreal valley? I'm new to dark souls 3 and would really appreciate it, and I play on xbox
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One week

For RDR2
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Good gear early

Where are good locations to get good gear early
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Anyone want to co-op in dark souls 2 on Xbox 360?
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Reading, ranking, writing

How do you rank Soulsborne games (DS 1 2 3, Demon Souls, Bloodborne) and its DLCs?
My opinion:
DS 1, DS 3, BB, DS 2, DS
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Which one? 😲

I'm in a fix. I can't decide which boss weapon to max out among these- Fume Sword, Defender Greatsword and Dragonslayer Spear. Mah stats-

55 STR
55 DEX
18 INT
18 FTH

I already have Watcher Greatsword+5 otherwise I would have (obviously) chosen Defender GS. Also do suggest an infusion if it goes well with my stats.
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The dark soul 2, #4

Blue skips the tutorial and heads straight to Majula. I'm not gonna active for the next few days. So expect another one in a few days.

Post image
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The start to my journy

So I just finished my DS(r) playthrough and I'm about to start ds3, I'm between two roads. 1 beings play the game normally or number 2 kill the dancer early. What do you guys think I should do?
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Hello friends im level 130 i need a powerful build to kill boss s (PVE) so plz help me friends
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Can anyone tell me how to use 2 swords dark souls 2¿

Can anyone tell me how to use 2 swords dark souls 2¿
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Crystal Weapons

Is there any glitches that can help me repair crystal weapons, or am I fucked?
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Scorpion boss thing-girl thing

I need help because I have no fighting capabilities and I’m kinda incompetent so if anyone wants to help me at me on PS3 my username is POPTARTZRULE No spaces.
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Quick DS3 question

Does the end of fire ending have any effect on the world afterwards?
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How to be human?

How do you become human in dark souls 2? Im told its using a human effigy, but thats not working for me. I don't think.
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Mundane Ladle

Because I enjoy self sabotage and need a reason to hate myself
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I did not realize DS2 had mimics...

That's all I'm going to say
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Salt and Sanctuary

What do you think about this game?
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I need help

Midir Xbox 1

Nevermind I maneged to solo him
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I can't believe what some ppl will say/do just for attention.

I'm sorry, but i was posting about a game i like on here Because i don't use FB nor do i have friends that play the same games i do, but Raulo Gaming got upset over what i posted and said i should get cancer. My father died of cancer and i think this is just really f**ked up to say this to anybody. I hope that the ppl that read this will refrain from saying anything like this to somebody. I don't want sympathy, i just want everybody to know that this is not okay. It's rude, disrespectful and heartless. Thank you for reading.
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BattleField V

I know this has nothing to do with dark souls, but i just realized that battlefield V was finally released! I had to share because I'm excited; I pre-ordered it when the beta came out and I'm waiting for it to dwnload. Anybody else gonna be playing?
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