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• 3h


Is ds2 sotfs pvp dead right now
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• 4h


I have been playing DS2 for a bit and am about to beat DS1 for the second time. My most used shield in DS1 is the Eagle shield. Is there a DS2 equivalent of this DS1 greatshield?
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• 7h


Any pc players free and willing to help me with midir?
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• 7h

Mundane cheese...?

I'm wondering, if I want to scale a weapon in dex through mundane, can I respec>lower dex>upgrade>respec back to my dex build. Will it work? I have a few soul vessels.
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• 13h

Shame, shame. *ring* shame, shame.

So... as something of a vet, it’s hard to say this. But I need assistance. I’ve just subscribed to PS plus, and I don’t know how to do PVP, at all. I don’t know what’s considered casul or what have you. I also don’t really get min/maxing. I think I get the concept, but I’ve never really put it into practice.

I’m ready to be hurt.
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• 17h

Summoned help for osiris[ps4]

Im Having a little trouble any help
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• 18h


Soul Memory-1,375,507
About to go through Shrine of Cmon' ah!
(Amana) anyone able to help?
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• 19h


It's been a long time since I created a new character on ds2 and I decided to make a new one. I'm doing my usual strength build but it's been a long time since I started over so I was asking if y'all could help me out a little. Like what are some early weapons to use, armour locations, etc.
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• 20h


It's kind of a big thing in the Soulsborne series, and one of its biggest sub-communities is Fight Clubs.

What's the highest amount of kills you've wracked up in a single Fight Club?
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• 22h

So I owe some of y'all an apology

So a while back I was really angsty and rude to some of y'all, about leveling Dex. I was doing the git gud meme out the ass. I'm a Dex main now. I was wrong.
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• 22h


Once fully upgraded, is santiers spear worth using?
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• 24h


Can you be summoned on new game plus
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• 1d

The dark soul 2, #24

Blue versus the dragon, part 1. Previous comic: https://darksouls.wikia.com/d/p/3343172654596190715

Post image
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• 1d


Anyone need a buddy to help them on ds3? I'm on my ng+5 and I'm currently at the pontiff sulivan boss
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• 1d

Dragon sanctum

How do u damage the ghost like soldiers at the beginning of dragons sanctum?
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• 2d

Subnautica is free on Epic Games Store

Just thought I'd put this out here. You can grab the game Subnautica for free until December 25 on Epic Games Store.

Don't know a lot about it, I only watched somebody stream it a little bit, but it looks good, and it has good reviews. It's an underwater survival/exploration game on an alien world.
Plus it says "Prepare to Dive" in the store desription:)
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• 2d

Does the glitch work in the painted world

Yeah I have recently came back on dark souls again and I'm really scared on going to the painted world and ending up being stuck there because of this glitch that can still accour in this game now I'm on xbox 360 and I have forgotten if 'from software' has patched or not, so I'll need someone to let me know if has or not p.s I don't know my version as its not saying on my game.
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• 2d

Knights Honor

Are other players able to drop all the rare weapons to me and I still get the trophy?
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• 2d

Opinion #2

Which of the dark souls trilogy music sound track do you think is the best?
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• 2d
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