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For achievements and trophies in Dark Souls, see Achievements/Trophies (Dark Souls)

In Dark Souls II, there are 38 possible achievements for Xbox, totaling 1000 points. There are 38 trophies for PS3, and 38 Steam Achievements for PC.

Image Name Description Points Trophy
The Dark Soul (DaSII) Trophy The Dark Soul All achievements/trophies acquired 50 Platinum Trophy
Self Recollection Trophy Self Recollection Reclaim flesh and set out as an Undead 10 Bronze Trophy
King&#039;s Ring Trophy King's Ring Acquire the King's Ring 20 Silver Trophy
Ancient Dragon Trophy Ancient Dragon Acquire Ashen Mist Heart 20 Silver Trophy
The Heir Trophy The Heir See the ending 100 Gold Trophy
Last Giant Trophy Last Giant Defeat the Last Giant 10 Bronze Trophy
Sinner&#039;s Bonfire Trophy Sinner's Bonfire Light the primal bonfire in Sinner's Rise 20 Silver Trophy
Iron Keep Bonfire Trophy Iron Keep Bonfire Light the primal bonfire in the Iron Keep 20 Silver Trophy
Gulch Bonfire Trophy Gulch Bonfire Light the primal bonfire in the Black Gulch 20 Silver Trophy
Brightstone Bonfire Trophy Brightstone Bonfire Light the primal bonfire in Brightstone Cove Tseldora 20 Silver Trophy
Giant Lord Trophy Looking Glass Knight Defeat Looking Glass Knight 20 Silver Trophy
Vendrick Trophy Vendrick Defeat Vendrick 50 Silver Trophy
Supreme Weapon Trophy Supreme Weapon Reinforce a weapon to its limit 50 Silver Trophy
Gesture Maestro Trophy Gesture Maestro Learn all gestures 50 Silver Trophy
Master of Sorcery Trophy Master of Sorcery Learn all sorceries 30 Silver Trophy
Master of Miracles Trophy Master of Miracles Learn all Miracles 30 Silver Trophy
Master of Pyromancy Trophy Master of Pyromancy Learn all Pyromancies 30 Silver Trophy
Master of Hexes Trophy Master of Hexes Learn all Hexes 30 Silver Trophy
Brilliant Covenant Trophy Brilliant Covenant Discover a most brilliant covenant 10 Bronze Trophy
Protector Covenant Trophy Protector Covenant Discover the covenant of protectors 10 Bronze Trophy
Sanguinary Covenant Trophy Sanguinary Covenant Discover the covenant of the bloodthirsty 10 Bronze Trophy
Covenant of the Meek Trophy Covenant of the Meek Discover the covenant of the meek 10 Bronze Trophy
Gnawing Covenant Trophy Gnawing Covenant Discover the covenant of the rodents 10 Bronze Trophy
Clangorous Covenant Trophy Clangorous Covenant Discover the clangorous covenant 10 Bronze Trophy
Covenant of Ancients Trophy Covenant of Ancients Discover an ancient covenant 10 Bronze Trophy
Covenant of the Fittest Trophy Covenant of the Fittest Discover the covenant of the fittest 10 Bronze Trophy
Abysmal Covenant Trophy Abysmal Covenant Discover the abysmal covenant 10 Bronze Trophy
Selfless Giver Trophy Selfless Giver Max out devotion to covenant 50 Gold Trophy
Curious Map Trophy Curious Map Light all flames on the map in Majula 30 Silver Trophy
Change of Clothes Trophy Change of Clothes Give Rosabeth of Melfia something to wear 30 Silver Trophy
Gathering Exiles Trophy Gathering Exiles Increase the population of Majula 30 Silver Trophy
Moonlight Greatsword Trophy Moonlight Greatsword Inherit Benhart of Jugo's equipment 30 Silver Trophy
Holder of the Fort Trophy Holder of the Fort Inherit Captain Drummond's equipment 30 Silver Trophy
Lucatiel Trophy Lucatiel Inherit equipment from Lucatiel of Mirrah 30 Silver Trophy
Smith for Life Trophy Smith for Life Inherit Steady Hand McDuff's equipment 30 Silver Trophy
Garrulous Miser Trophy Garrulous Miser Inherit Laddersmith Gilligan's equipment 30 Silver Trophy
Reflections on Disembodiment Trophy Reflections on Disembodiment Inherit equipment from the head of Vengarl 30 Silver Trophy
This is Dark Souls Trophy This is Dark Souls Die for the first time 10 Bronze Trophy

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