Acid Horn Beetles are enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A species of Horn Beetle which has developed the ability to release a cloud of corrosive fungal spores into the surrounding air. These peculiar insects reside in the damp caves of the Shrine of Amana and represent a nominal threat to the equipment, if not the lives of passerby.


Acid Horn Beetles are found near Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire in Shrine of Amana.


Small, slow-moving insects with large porous mushrooms affixed to their backs. They are able to spew an acidic cloud that damages equipment. Certain rings mention that they can break easily and it is those who break in a matter of a few seconds if exposed enough to the cloud. Either remove them temporarily and re-equip them after the threat has been dealt with or exercise even more caution.


It is best to take them out at a distance with ranged weapons or spells to avoid the acid cloud they emit. Also, there is a delay when they releasing the acid loud, so you could attack them with melee weapons and back out before they finish releasing the fume if you don't favor ranged combat.

Like Poison Horn Beetles, they can perform a headbutt at close range. Whilst the damage is minimal, the stun effect can leave the player vulnerable to their acid cloud.

Since these enemies usually come in groups, it is also wise to carry a weapon that has a good range of strike, such as a greatsword or an ultra greatsword to kill them quickly.


Item Corrosive Urn
Corrosive Urn
Drop Rate ??? ???

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