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Adaptability is a Stat in Dark Souls II.

General InformationEdit

Adaptability is the combination of Resistance and an Agility stat (from the beta tests). Its main focus is the improvement of one's Agility. Raising Adaptability improves action speed, such as evasion and drinking Estus Flasks. However, it does not improve the player's parry speed.

Improving Adaptability also raises all status defenses (i.e. Poison, Bleed, Curse and Petrify), whilst also raising the player's HP and Poison Attack Bonus slightly. Finally, Adaptability is also complementary with the Endurance stat, in that raising the two stats at the same rate will grant extra natural Poise.


Increased by both Adaptability and Attunement, where Adaptability is more beneficial. Hard-capped at 120 with both Adaptability and Attunement at 99.

This section will list things that are affected by the agility stat. Please keep in mind these are found via testing and "professional" commentary (folks who helped write the guide).

  • Estus consumption animation
  • Estus recovery
  • Stagger recovery when Poise is broken
  • Natural poise
  • Increased effectiveness of Poise granted from armor
  • Additional invincibility frames while rolling and backstepping

Invincibility frames Edit

Invincibility frames are increased in a non-linear way, affected by player's Agility not their Equip Burden, with their Equip Burden only affecting their distance when rolling. However, having a high amount of adaptability allows you to backstep and roll through attacks that would otherwise be harder to dodge by someone with fewer points invested in the stat, as well as allowing you to even misjudge the timing for a roll and backstep and still avoid damage.

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