The armor worn by Alva.

For the Dark Souls III dark spirit, see Alva, Seeker of the Spurned.

Alva the Wayfarer is a mentioned character in Dark Souls II.


Alva was once a knight who searched many lands for a cure for Saint Serreta's "sickness"[1]. Upon learning of his dedication to the saint, Zullie the Witch used all manner of tricks and deceit in an attempt to ruin Alva, but ultimately stood by his side[2]. In the end, Alva failed his mission and relinquished his knighthood[1]. His armor set can be acquired from Maughlin the Armorer once a sufficient amount of souls has been spent in his shop.

In the Scholar of the First Sin update, there is a new description of the armor worn by Alva the Wayfarer. It is said that eventually he found a new purpose in life with the aid of Zullie the Witch who once tried to ruin him.



  • Another dark spirit with a Seeker of Spurned may invade the player in Dark Souls III. After his defeat a corpse can be found behind him with the full Black Witch set, which is worn by Zullie.


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