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The armor worn by Alva.

For the character with similar name in Dark Souls III, see Alva, Seeker of the Spurned.

Alva the Wayfarer is a mentioned character in Dark Souls II.


Alva was once a knight who searched many lands for a cure for Saint Serreta's "sickness"[1]. Upon learning of his dedication to the saint, Zullie the Witch used all manner of tricks and deceit in an attempt to ruin Alva, but ultimately stood by his side[2]. In the end, Alva failed his mission and relinquished his knighthood[1]. His armor set can be acquired from Maughlin the Armorer once a sufficient amount of souls has been spent on his shop.

In the Scholar of the First Sin update, there is a new description of the armor worn by Alva the Wayfarer. It is said that eventually he found a new purpose in life with the aid of Zullie the Witch who once tried to ruin him.



  • A dark spirit with a similar name may invade the player in Dark Souls III. Whether the two Alvas are the same character or not is unknown, although the armor's description mentions "the saint" and "the witch". Hinting that they may be one and the same.
  • Another dark spirit with a Seeker of Spurned may invade the player in Dark Souls III. After his defeat a corpse can be found behind him with the full Black Witch set, which is worn by Zullie.


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