Not to be confused with Lothric Wyvern.

Ancient Wyverns are two optional bosses in Dark Souls III.



Two are found in Archdragon Peak:

  1. In the giant courtyard after the first bonfire, being the first boss of this area.
  2. A second one with lesser defenses blocks the path leading to the Great Belfry to summon the Nameless King.


The Ancient Wyvern presents a rather unique fight in that the player has the option to fight it conventionally or navigate the area to reach a location above the boss and perform a plunging attack that instantly slays the creature. Upon triggering the Wyvern's entrance, the player should sprint underneath it and head left, reaching some ruins filled with Man Serpents. It is important not to delay long in this area as the boss will use its fire breath to incinerate anything inside, including the other enemies. Once the player reaches a stone bridge, the fire cannot reach them, although a new threat presents itself in the form of a Giant Man Serpent with a retractable axe. It is strongly advised to lure this enemy back over the bridge before dashing past or engaging in combat.

Upon reaching the wooden platforms, behind the stone bridge, the Wyvern will start breathing fire along the walkways. The player should take cover until it stops and immediately drop to the platform directly above the boss. From here, they can use a plunging attack to instantly slay the creature; however, this is not without risk, as missing the Wyvern will result in falling to their death. As the boss will stop moving and no longer attack the player once they are above it, a safer but longer method is to eliminate it with ranged weapons.

Alternatively, if the player does not wish to run the gauntlet, they can fight the Ancient Wyvern in regular combat. It is recommended to stay under the boss to avoid its flame breath, although it will constantly attempt to crush them with its feet. Due to the Wyvern's high vitality, it is recommended to attack its neck, head and wings to inflict more damage.


Item Dragon Head Stone (DSIII)
Dragon Head Stone
Titanite Chunk (DSIII)
Titanite Chunk ×6
Titanite Scale
Titanite Scale ×3
Twinkling Titanite (DSIII)
Twinkling Titanite ×3
Drop Rate Guaranteed
(second wyvern)
(second wyvern)
(second wyvern)


  • It is possible to slay the Ancient Wyvern by executing a jumping attack from the bell platform behind it, when its head is near the player. Doing so requires good timing, and that the Ancient Wyvern be performing a specific attack, however, executed properly it can allow players to defeat the boss shortly after entering the arena.





Yuka Kitamura - Ancient Wyvern (Full) (Dark Souls III Complete Original Soundtrack)04:03

Yuka Kitamura - Ancient Wyvern (Full) (Dark Souls III Complete Original Soundtrack)

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