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Andre of Astora
"Well, you must be a new arrival. I'm Andre of Astora. If you require smithing, speak to me."
— Andre of Astora

Andre of Astora is a character in Dark Souls. He is a blacksmith that will likely prove invaluable to the player throughout the game. Andre is voiced by Sean Barrett, who also voiced Ingward and Petrus of Thorolund.


Andre of Astora is located directly below the bonfire in Undead Parish, between Darkroot Garden and Sen's Fortress.


Often the first blacksmith new players comes across, Andre of Astora can be a welcome sight. Andre of Astora is the only blacksmith that can ascend weapons down the Standard path from +5 to +6 and from +10 to +11. He is also the only blacksmith that can ascend weapons down the Raw, Divine and Occult paths.

He also sells some basic upgrade materials, as well as many weapons (some of which are unique to him). Finally, he sells the Crest of Artorias, which is required to open the door to Darkroot Forest, a more dangerous section of Darkroot Garden.


Andre is from Astora, however, little else is known about him, but his dialogue suggests that he was betrayed by someone some time ago, although he never elaborates on this.


Despite what common sense might dictate, Andre does not use his Blacksmith Hammer to fight, preferring to simply use his bare hands. This certainly does not mean that he is a pushover, however; his heavier punches can knock players off their feet, while his jabs are fast and can quickly deal a lot of damage. Andre has a roster of moves unique to him, including a drop kick that has heavy knockback and high damage. He also sports unusually high health for an NPC of his stature, so it may take a while to wear him down.


Character InformationEdit

Health and SoulsEdit

Health Souls
1,065 2,664 1,000 5,000


Physical Defenses Elemental Defenses Resistances
Def atk phy Def atk strike Def atk slash Def atk thrust Def sorc mag Def sorc fire Def sorc lght Def res poi Def res toxic Def res bleed
110 110 83 110 83 77 83 D D D

These stats are sourced from FuturePress's Official Dark Souls Strategy Guide.


Item Wpn Blacksmith Hammer
Blacksmith Hammer
Item Humanity
Crest of Artorias
Crest of Artorias
Drop Rate Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed
(If not purchased)



  • Judging from Andre's accent and choice of words, it appears that he was inspired by Gaelic influences.
  • Andre is one of the few characters that do not disintegrate when killed. This may be because he uses a unique model.
  • It was originally intended that Andre was to be a descendant of Gwyn and that he would have a key role in the story, but this idea was scrapped.[1]



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