The Archdrake Staff is a staff in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Staff of members of the Archdrake sect of Lindelt. A catalyst for sorceries and hexes.
In Lindelt, known for its clerics and their miracles, sorcery is believed to be a profane practice. But as with anything, such beliefs are part faith and part front, and this staff was born of that hypocrisy.


Purchase from Felkin the Outcast for 4,000 souls.

Characteristics Edit

Despite the Archdrake Staff's B scaling in Intelligence, it is most likely not the best staff for sorcerers due to its high Faith requirement, however it is a fairly good staff for early Hex builds.

However it is outclassed by the Bone Staff when it comes to Hexer builds, which has better scaling in Dark, and can be found at around the same point in the game, if not earlier.

A mediocre staff that can serve Hexers well in the early game, especially if they want to use a combination of Sorceries and Hexes. However, it is easily surpassed by other staves available later in the game.

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