The Aristocrat's Mask is a head armor in Dark Souls III. It is part of the Jailer Set.

In-Game Description

Mask worn by jailers of the Irithyll Dungeon.
Noblemen delighted in its plump features.
The jailers were among the few survivors inhabiting the Profaned Capital, later serving under Pontiff Sulyvahn. Perhaps the screams emanating from the cells help them forget their old home.


Dropped by Jailers in the Irithyll Dungeon.


The Aristocrat's Mask provides excellent defenses in most areas in comparison to its weight. Even though it is part of a light set, this headgear is particularly heavy, weighing 5.9 units. However, the trade of defenses granted in comparison, more than pay for the extra load investment.

This headgear even surpasses the stats of many heavy sets' helmets, only starting to fall under the Catarina Helm and above.

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