Armor of Aurous
Armor of Aurous (Normal)
Icon DaSII PhyDef 122 Icon DaSII Poise 18
Icon DaSII StrikeDef 118 Icon DaSII PsnDef 34
Icon DaSII SlashDef 128 Icon DaSII BldDef 44
Icon DaSII ThrustDef 123 Icon DaSII PetrifyDef 0
Icon DaSII MagDef 43 Icon DaSII CurseDef 0
Icon DaSII FireDef 42
Icon DaSII LtnDef 30 Icon DaSII Durability 80
Icon DaSII DarkDef 46 Icon DaSII Weight 10.1
Required & Bonus Attributes
Icon DaSII Strength Icon DaSII Dexterity Icon DaSII Intelligence Icon DaSII Faith Icon DaSII Def Bonus
Type Chest Armor
Not to be confused with Armor of Aurous (transparent).

The Armor of Aurous is a chest armor piece in Dark Souls II.
It is part of Aurous' Set.

In-Game Description

Armor of kings of the desert land of Jugo.
First worn by Aurous, the land's heroic founder.
According to legend, the armor of Aurous is composed of a mysterious substance that cannot be seen by cowards.
What do your eyes tell you?


Rare drop from a twinblade-wielding dark spirit in No-man's Wharf in NG+.

Scholar of the First SinEdit

In Scholar of the First Sin, the full set can be found inside a chest in The Gutter (as a replacement for what used to be the Ring of the Evil Eye). It is on a stone ledge at the base of the highest wooden tower, near a Heide Knight.