Artificial Undead are enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A massive, hulking beast of an Undead, this creature is disturbingly unnatural. This patchwork monstrosity wields two Full Moon Sickles and swings them with immense power.
Who would create such a monster? The Iron King himself sought to destroy the Undead, not create them...[1]


Located in the lower open forested section of the Huntsman's Copse and the narrow path leading to the Skeleton Lords (red phantom versions, NG+ only).

Four of them will try to ambush the player in a room of Harvest Valley and another can be found in a corridor full of traps near the end of the stage.


Barely humanoid monsters, they are wrapped in chains and wield large sickles in each hand, which they swing with great force killing the unwary with ease.


Artificial Undead are slow moving, hard-hitting enemies that can easily stun-lock players who try to take them head on. In addition, their sickle can hit through shields, so it is best to evade and strike without facing it directly or backstabbing them when possible.

They give away their presence with the rattling of the chains they wear, giving the player some time to prepare.

Thanks to their large size, it is easy for mages or ranged characters to deal significant damage long before being spotted.

They are highly resistant to poison.


Swing: Swings its sickles horizontally once.

Double Overhead: Raises one sickle above its head and slams it into the ground, then follows with an identical strike with the other.

Double Combo: Swings its sickles twice in a row.


Item Lifegem
Soul of a Nameless Soldier
Soul of a Nameless Soldier
Full Moon Sickle
Full Moon Sickle
Drop Rate Uncommon Uncommon Rare



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