Ashen Idols are the remains of Nadalia, Bride of Ash. A total of eleven idols can be found around Brume Tower. They have various effects on their surrounding when approached. They can be destroyed with a Smelter Wedge. Upon death, they will drop a fragment of Nadalia's soul. Once all the fragments have been collected, Nadalia soul will be complete and can be used much like other boss souls.

SotFS Nadalia


Different idols have different effects. These include:

  • Releases a fiery spell identical to Outcry if approached.
  • Grants a damage resistance buff to nearby enemies, similar to Iron Flesh.
  • Darkens the surrounding area and emits Curse.
  • Heals nearby enemies with a glowing orb, similar to Warmth.


  • One is found upon reaching the Brume Tower after crossing the large chain. Near the 1st bonfire.
  • One is found down a ladder after the first two encounters with Ashen Warriors in the room next to Dance of Fire.
  • One is found in a room inside Brume Tower. The room must be dropped into and has 3 Ashen Warriors and an Iron Warrior.
  • One is found in a room inside Brume Tower after the Scorching Iron Scepter has been placed at the Foyer bonfire. Go up the elevators and find a room where an Iron Warrior is being healed by the idol.
  • One is found within a tower separate of Brume Tower. It is at the bottom of the tower, and until it is destroyed, entering the area will cause curse to build up.
  • One is found near the Foyer bonfire in Brume Tower. It is at the bottom of a short side area which is only accessible with the use of the Tower Key. Until it is destroyed, entering the area will cause curse build up.
  • One is found up an elevator in Brume Tower. Prowlers will invade when the player nears it, and it will heal them until it is destroyed.
  • Four are found surrounding the Fume Knight boss arena and, unless they're destroyed, they will heal Fume Knight for the duration of the fight.

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