Aslatiel of Mirrah is a dark spirit in Dark Souls II.

General InformationEdit

Aslatiel is a Dark Spirit that invades the player early on in Aldia's Keep. He wears exactly the same equipment as Lucatiel of Mirrah and uses a sword very similar to hers and the same shield.


Aslatiel is the supposed brother of Lucatiel, who met his demise somewhere in Drangleic. Lucatiel, Aslatiel's sister, ventured into Drangleic to find a cure for the curse and to find her brother's whereabouts to make sure he is still alive, but faces the same fate Aslatiel did as she begins to show signs of Hollowing. Nearing the end of their journey, continuous conversations with Lucatiel reveals she starts to doubt whether her Brother and her Mission aren't a lost cause.