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Astora is a mentioned location in Dark Souls.

Lore Edit

Astora is a refined[1] land hinted to possess a highly advanced culture and society, recognized for its nobility[1]. A land of noble elite[2], high-ranked[3][4] knights and royalty[1], the land is fairly recognized for having skilled craftsmen[5]. Both the fire-warding heraldic symbol[2], the dragon[4] and the color blue[2][3][4] are associated with the elite and high-ranking knights of Astora.

Legend has it that, at some point in the past, a dark beast assaulted Astora, from which the spirit was sealed within a ring[6].

Characters Edit

Artifacts Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The art of divine smithing seems to be a common trait in the land of Astora, as hinted by some items and characters within the game.

References Edit

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