Balder Set
Def atk phy 90.0 Def sorc mag 40.0
Def atk strike 88.3 Def sorc fire 48.0
Def atk slash 109.7 Def sorc lght 35.0
Def atk thrust 86.3
Def res poise Def res bleed Def res poi Def res cur
36.0 46.0 36.0 0
Weight 25.0
Durability 1800
Type Medium Armor Set

The Balder Set is a medium armor set in Dark Souls.



Worn by Balder Knights. Also worn by an unnamed NPC that spawns in Dark Anor Londo.


This set offers high physical defenses. However, it offers much lower elemental resistances. It is one of the lighter medium armor sets. It offers high defenses for where it can be farmed early on in the game. 

Set piecesEdit



  • The Balder Set, much like many other armor sets in Dark Souls, was inspired by an armor set that is present in the famous manga: Berserk. That armor is the one that Guts, the main protagonist, wears into battle in the earlier moments of the manga. The main difference between both armors is the fact that the Balder Set seems to have been slowly destroyed by time, it may have once resembled Guts' armor.

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