For the Dark Souls variant, see Basilisk.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Basilisk (Dark Souls III).

The Basilisk is an enemy found in Dark Souls II.


Shaded Woods: One is encountered directly behind the door to the entrance of the area. Several more can be found near the final bonfire if the player falls through either of two pit traps into their lair. A large, more powerful variant can be found approximately halfway between the Shaded Woods bonfire and the fog gate to Scorpioness Najka.

Brightstone Cove Tseldora: There are several hiding in the sand near the final bonfire.

Aldia's Keep: They can be found inside the carriages. To break them loose, an Ogre must destroy the carriage. A Giant Basilisk is also found inside a cage.

In Scholar of the First Sin, one Basilisk is found in the area between Heide's Tower of Flame and No-man's Wharf.


A Basilisk's most dangerous ability is to Petrify the player, causing instant death. Basilisks can also perform a series of melee attacks such as claw swipes, tail slashes and leaping headbutts, all of which are surprisingly potent due to their agility. The addition of melee attacks makes them significantly more dangerous than their counterparts from Dark Souls.


Ranged attacks are generally the safest way to dispatch Basilisks, as they are unable to attack anything outside of melee range. Care should be taken, however, as they may end up cornering the player and making them unable to escape the Petrification mist. Planning an escape route before engaging a group of Basilisks is advisable.

Basilisks have little to no Poise. This means that they can be stun-locked by almost any attack. Using wide-swinging weapons, like a greatsword, will allow the player to deal with larger groups of Basilisks with relative ease.

They have very little health, even at higher levels of NG+, which means that if they are isolated, players can simply wait for them to discharge their petrifying mist and then flank it.

Being a beast, Basilisks have a weakness to Fire damage. As such, pyromancies and flame infused or buffed weapons will deal considerable damage.


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