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Belfry Luna is a location in Dark Souls II.


Belfry Luna is a dilapidated bell tower and one of two homes to the Bell Keepers covenant, the other being Belfry Sol. It is an optional area, and can only be accessed with the use of a Lockstone. The entrance is in a small nook down a ladder, beneath the Servants' Quarters bonfire. This bonfire is accessed directly after defeating the Ruin Sentinels.

As players enter this location, they will find the Bell Keeper leader, whereupon exhausting his dialogue enables players to join the Bell Keepers covenant. Whether or not the player joins, the player is susceptible to invasion. This is a popular covenant to be used for player-versus-player combat, making it very common for the player to be invaded constantly in this area.

Adjacent LocationsEdit


  • Upper Ramparts: After defeating the Belfry Gargoyles, descend the stairs opposite the entrance to the boss room. The bonfire is directly ahead of the doorway at the bottom.








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