The Bell Keeper is a dark spirit in Dark Souls II.


The Bell Keeper is nearly identical to the other Bell Keepers in the area. However, he has the characteristic red color scheme of an invader and does not have a mask on his helmet, making his face visible. He has considerably more health than the rest of his counterparts and will return to his world after a determined amount of time has elapsed.


After invading, the Bell Keeper will wait for the player at the top of Belfry Luna, preparing for an ambush along with other four regular Bell Keepers.

He will invade a second time in Belfry Sol, near the lever that activates the bell in that area.

Both invasions will only take place if the player is in offline mode.


  • The Bell Keeper has a visible face that resembles the same Bell Keeper that can induct one into the Bell Keepers covenant.

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