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Bell Keepers are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Bell Keepers look identical to the marionettes located downstairs in the Belfry Luna, except they appear to have a blackish-blue glow that may be caused by the aura around their axes. In opposition to their short and stubby bodies, Bell Keepers are extremely tough.


  • In offline play the player can be invaded by a Dark Spirit version of the Bell Keeper.
    • HP = 1680, Souls = 701, Drops = Large Titanite Shard.
  • The Bell Keepers are dolls (marionettes). They have been tasked with guarding the bells of Alken and Venn.
  • The attacks done by Bell Keepers damage the player even if he/she is blocking.
  • If, when summoned to defend the bell, the trespasser uses the Seed of a Tree of Giants, all Bell Keepers will attack the grey spirits.
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