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The Bell Keeper Shield is a medium shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A wooden parma issued to bell keepers. Very light, and requiring hardly any strength.
The bells symbolize forbidden love; the bell keepers, their faithful guardians, ever-ready to annihilate trespassers.
They will stand watch, for ever and ever, these determined, if ill-fated, marionettes.

Availability Edit

Rarely dropped by Enhanced Undead in Sinner's Rise.

Common drop by the Bell Keepers in Belfry Sol and Luna.

Characteristics Edit

With average physical defence and poor elemental defences, the Bell Keeper Shield is unremarkable for the most part. The exception is its excellent magic defence and Stability coupled with its low weight and strength requirement, which makes it a solid choice for any player when magic damage is an issue.

It is inferior to the Magic Shield in terms of direct damage reduction, and is arguably harder to get. However, it has marginally better protection against Status Effects and ties with various shields for the highest Stability among the Small Shields.

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