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The Bell Keepers are a PvP-based covenant in Dark Souls II. It is devoted to protecting Belfry Luna and Belfry Sol.


To join the Bell Keepers, the player must speak to the Bell Keeper of Alken at the entrance of Belfry Luna or Belfry Sol. Exhausting his dialogue will allow the player to join. Upon entering, the player will receive the ring, Bell Keeper's Seal.


After joining the covenant and receiving the ring, the player will automatically invade other worlds while they are wearing it. The player does not need to be in either belfry to be eligible for summoning, they can be almost anywhere in the world other than Majula and Things Betwixt, as denoted by the Bell Keepers' badge on the heads-up display with a glowing effect animation.

The goal of the player while invading is to protect Belfry Luna and Belfry Sol from trespassers, including invading Blue Arbiter Spirits and summoned Phantoms. Despite being a part of the covenant, the player will still be invaded by other Bell Keeper members, and the dwarven protectors in these places are still hostile. However, while the player is invading, the enemies will be non-aggressive and any other Bell Keepers summoned to invade will be allies. All summoned Bell Keeper members will appear as grey phantoms, and up to two Bell Keeper phantoms (three in Scholar of the First Sin) can be summoned at a time.

Achieving victories over other players in the belfries will cause a player in the Bell Keepers to advance in the covenant. Upon defeating a trespassing player, the Bell Keeper member will get sent back to their world with a Titanite Chunk. A member of the covenant can also gain victories by defeating a rarely-spawning enemy in Belfry Sol, named the Mad Warrior. This makes the Bell Keepers one of the few covenants that can be ranked up while in offline mode.

Ranking up in this Covenant is the only way to get access to the Sorcery, Hidden Weapon.

Rank Victories Rewards
+0 - Bell Keeper's Seal
+1 10 1 Titanite Slab
+2 30 Hidden Weapon
+3 100 Bell Keeper Set


  • Usually the members of the Bell Keepers covenant will invade players with ease and they tend to bunch up, to a maximum number of three, frequently outnumbering the host. At this point either two things happen: the Bell Keepers decide to work together and will most likely kill the player; or they battle each other for the host kill.
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