A Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard is a unique Soul item in Dark Souls. They are used to partially satiate the Lordvessel, and gain access to the Kiln of the First Flame.


Both the Four Kings and Seath the Scaleless drop a Bequeathed Lord Soul Shard upon their defeat.


Bequeathed Lord Soul Shards differ from Lord Souls in that they are shards of a "great soul" (presumedly Gwyn's own soul). The owners of these Shards were awarded them because Gwyn recognised the talent of the Four Kings of New Londo as leaders (before they fell to the Dark), and because Seath aided the Lords in the war of the Dragons.

Item DescriptionsEdit

Soul of The Four KingsEdit

In-Game Description

Soul of one of the Four Kings, who fell to the Dark. A fragment of a Lord Soul discovered at the dawn of the Age of Fire.
Lord Gwyn recognized the foresight of these four great leaders of New Londo, and granted them their ranks and the fragments of a great soul. Although this is not a full Lord Soul, it can still satiate the Lordvessel.

Soul of Seath the ScalelessEdit

In-Game Description

Soul of the albino dragon, Seath the Scaleless. A fragment of a Lord Soul discovered at the dawn of the Age of Fire.
Seath allied with Lord Gwyn and turned upon the dragons; for this he was awarded Dukedom embraced by the royalty, and given a fragment of a great soul. Although just a piece, it will still satiate the Lordvessel.

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