For the Dark Souls variant, see Black Bow of Pharis.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Hunter's Blackbow.

The Black Bow of Pharis is a bow in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

A black longbow named after a hero of old. Known for the unusual stance from which it is fired.
Has a longer range than standard bows, but successful usage requires a trained, dexterous hand.
Skill: Pharis Triple-shot
Swiftly nocks three arrows with finesse after drawing the bow, firing them simultaneously.


Found in Farron Keep. On the far left side of the swamp, three Elder Ghrus can be found congregating near the flame closest to the Keep Ruins bonfire. One of them will automatically drop the bow into the player's inventory when killed.


Compared to the Longbow, the Black Bow of Pharis is a true sniper's weapon. It has the lowest base damage of all the bows in the game, but it makes up for this with its higher overall scaling, particularly in Dexterity, as well as its increased range. Where other bows may fail due to distance to the target, the Black Bow of Pharis will still accurately send full-power arrows to their destination, allowing the wielder to line up headshots with ease. When combined with the Hawk Ring and Feather Arrows, it can easily snipe foes from well outside of engagement range, while still dealing impressive damage.


Reinforced with Titanite.


Dark Souls III How to get Black Bow of Pharris Hat (easy)-0

Dark Souls III How to get Black Bow of Pharris Hat (easy)-0

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