For the Dark Souls II variant, see Black Knight Halberd (Dark Souls II).
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Black Knight Glaive.

The Black Knight Halberd is a halberd in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Halberd of the black knights who wander Lordran. Used to face chaos demons.
The large motion that puts the weight of the body into the attack reflects the great size of their adversaries long ago.


The Black Knight Halberd is dropped rarely by Black Knights that wield this weapon. There are two non-respawning black knights that wield this weapon. One is in Darkroot Basin and another is in the Tomb of the Giants. A respawning Black Knight is found near the end of the path in the Kiln of the First Flame.


The Black Knight Halberd boasts impressive base damage. However, like other black knight weapons it cannot be enchanted and is heavier than some other halberds, with considerably lower scaling. Like all Black Knight weapons, it deals additional 20% damage to demons.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Overhead smash followed by a horizontal slash from left to right.
Strong Attack
The player spins the halberd around themselves 2 times, hitting on the second spin.
Weak Attack
Same as one-handed version.
Strong Attack
The player runs a few steps forward, jumps and smashes the halberd down into the ground.
Jump Attack The player jumps into the air and smashes the halberd into the ground.
Running Attack Smashes the halberd into the ground.
Rolling Attack Horizontal slash.
Kick Standard kick.
Weak Attack
Block with weapon.
Strong Attack
Horizontal slash.


Requires: Twinkling Titanite and 2,000 souls per upgrade.
Variation Attack Values Parameter Bonus Damage Reduction
Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Para str Para dex Para int Para faith Dmgrd phy Dmgrd mag Dmgrd fire Dmgrd lght
Black Knight Halberd 245 D E 40 10 30 30
Black Knight Halberd +1 (Twinkling Titanite ×1) 269 D E 40 10 30 30
Black Knight Halberd +2 (Twinkling Titanite ×1) 294 D E 40 10 30 30
Black Knight Halberd +3 (Twinkling Titanite ×2) 318 D E 40 10 30 30
Black Knight Halberd +4 (Twinkling Titanite ×2) 343 D E 40 10 30 30
Black Knight Halberd +5 (Twinkling Titanite ×4) 367 D E 40 10 30 30


  • The Black Knight Halberd actually resembles a Glaive rather than a Halberd.
  • When shown in the E3 demo, the Black Knight Halberd's weak attack, both in one and two hands, was identical to the Halberd's weak attacks.
  • If the player is backstabbed whilst wielding the Black Knight Halberd in two hands, so long as they don't move after recovering, upon standing up the player's upper body will spin 360 degrees. The glitch has no effect on gameplay.


Dark Souls 360 body glitch

Dark Souls 360 body glitch

Demonstration of the 360 spin glitch