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Blacksmith Lenigrast is a character and blacksmith in Dark Souls II.


Lenigrast is a tetchy and seclusive blacksmith cursed with undeath, a trait that can be noticed in the decaying state of his skin. He is first encountered in Majula and offers smithing services to the player after retrieving his key from Merchant Hag Melentia. Though his body has already decayed, memories of his daughter and blacksmithing are all that remain.[1] Lenigrast is first encountered locked out of his shop in Majula. He asks the player to find his key, which can be purchased from Merchant Hag Melentia in the Forest of Fallen Giants.

His daughter is Stone Trader Chloanne, whom he refers to as "reckless" like the player for always being in transit. When she arrives at Majula, Lenigrast expresses his relief that she has "come home". Chloanne does not recognize him in his Hollowing form and questions whether her father had followed her to Drangleic. He also warns the player of Laddersmith Gilligan, citing him as an infamous scoundrel who "always manages to stir up trouble".

He will drop Blacksmith's Hammer if killed or give it to the player after spending 8000 souls reinforcing equipment.

Character InformationEdit


Items Repair Powder II
Repair Powder ×1
Titanite Shard II
Titanite Shard ×10
Souls 2,500 800

Weapons Longsword II
Broadsword II
Falchion II
Estoc II
Souls 1,300 1,700 1,200 1,500
Weapons Rapier II
Battle Axe II
Battle Axe
Mace II
Spear II
Souls 1,000 1,500 1,200 1,400

Ammunition Wood Arrow
Wood Arrow ×50
Iron Arrow
Iron Arrow ×50
Wood Bolt II
Wood Bolt
Heavy Bolt II
Heavy Bolt
Souls 10 30 25 50


Item Blacksmith Hammer II
Blacksmith's Hammer
Drop Rate Guaranteed

Health and SoulsEdit

Health Souls
1,320 3,327 2,000 ???


There is a bug that occurs when the player attempts to attack Lenigrast while he is still sitting down outside of his house. Instead of defending himself, he will continue to sit still. This can be fixed by resting at a bonfire and returning to him.


  • If Lenigrast is to be killed at any point of the game, a Gravestone will appear outside of his forge in Majula.
  • Despite his obvious Hollowed state, the miracle Soul Appease does not work on him.



  • In Demon's Souls, the Burrow King depicted on one of the Archstones is similar in appearance to Lenigrast.


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