Bleed Stones are upgrade materials in Dark Souls II

In-Game Description

An altered state of titanite. Use to make weapons lacerating, or to provide bleeding reduction to shields.
Sorcerers at the Melfian Magic Academy once attempted to imbue titanite with various elements, but are said to have failed.
Someone must have succeeded, though; what else would explain this stone?


After the Undead Crypt has been cleared, Stone Trader Chloanne will sell three of these stones for 7,000 souls each.


Used to infuse a weapon to the Bleed upgrade path at Steady Hand McDuff.

When applied to a weapon it takes away a percentage of health and temporarily reduces maximum stamina of enemies. Adds bleeding effect to weapon and scaling with bleed bonus. When applied to a shield, it adds Bleed resistance.


Certain weapons upgrade differently. Bleed and Poison use different percentages of physical and elemental damage than other upgrade paths.

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