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  • SnowFiary

    Anime life

    September 24, 2016 by SnowFiary

    Anime is the life of all things , be it kids, ants, dog. IF you love anime you gain a new life , one you didnt know ITS SOOOOOOOO LOVELY anime is and will always be s omething i hold dear. that and games + manga :D

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  • Big Brother 99

    Hi, I am New

    September 13, 2016 by Big Brother 99

    Hi there,

    My name is Jess or Big Brother 99 and i would like to say hi and how are you. It is awesome that i came across this game series and i have watched live streams on this game and it looks epic.

    Tell me all the basic things i need to read up on before I play this, because i have it at home still intact. I read online stuff before playing the games.

    Thank you for the warm welcoming the feel that i am feeling at the moment.

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  • PhoenixC279

    Riposte damage.

    September 1, 2016 by PhoenixC279

    Ok people. This is an insane idea.

    What would the riposte damage on a Skeleton be, with a +5 Grant with the following setup.

    Str 99

    Faith 99

    Power within, Red tearstone ring, hornet ring?

    Well, I cant test it myself due to not having those stats availiable, but my calculations say around 2400 damage. 

    if anyone wants to try this, please show me your results =D

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  • Shurado 091
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  • Higurashi 666

    Comming clean

    August 2, 2016 by Higurashi 666

    Hello everybody, i am formerly known as the crazy mega bitch of the dark souls wikia chat, Tufoulerti River Celestia Neito.

    That is right the one that betrayed member's excpectation by building up a false truth is back on track.

    As said by the title of this blog i'll be coming clean : Everything that i've told you about who i was, is a complete and utterly made up lie that came out right out of my head. "Why did i lie" you might ask, i'll just answer that i've seen my lot of personal trouble and it was easier to be who i want to be by building up this reality than telling the truth.

    The only thing that i did not buid up was my personality which was, to my eyes, more fitting for the character that i built up than the real me. Anyway, identity …

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    August 1, 2016 by MAD SOULER

    Dark Souls 3 has been out for quite some time now. I want to know what's everyone's impression of it and what are your thoughts about the PvP system that we currently have. I noticed that the community prefers to stop leveling at 70 or 120, making those levels PvP desired. 

    I've noticed an unusual occurance in DS3. When I invade a world as a dark spirit and a loyal spirit, either a Watchdog or a faithful, comes, the loyal spirit AIDS the host in killing me. I can understand that when it's 2v1 against the host, but when it's a fair 1v1 and a loyal spirit comes and stabs you in the back? that's absurd!

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  • The Fabled Fiend

    Nothing too special, but since the chaos pyromancies are about the only ones worth using, I figured i would just focus on them in terms of attunement slots. The Darkmoon Ring lets me keep attunement relatively low while still allowing for the 2 extra slots i need to use all 6 chaos pyromancy spells, and the Havel's Ring+2 allows me to be at the exact threshold for midrolling without fatrolling. The Sage's Ring+2 allows for my more costly spells to come out quicker, and the Fire Clutch Ring helps to maximize return on fire damage. The Estoc in the left hand is the main offhand weapon, and is infused with Dark for another damage source, and it scales well since INT and FTH are both high and equal. The …

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  • Aldrich Devourer of the memes

    Today I invented a perfect ornstein cosplay for ds2. Simple: just use the dragon set and dragonslayer spear. easy!!!😎 And yet i feel lonely...😢

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  • TheBlueRogue
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  • Young Metzgro

    He stared down at his hands, and at the body that lay before him. A lifeless husk of what used to be someone. Now only to be remembered as a blood stain on the floor. He knew what he had to do next, he knew what he'd find behind the White Fog in the hallway. He drew his axe from the spine of the soldier and used his manchette to wipe off the excess blood so as to not dry and rust over. He shuffled through the passageway into the balcony. He stood over the door leading into the cliff side, his exit. The only thing that stood between him and his escape was the Asylum Demon, and this White Fog would place Metzgro above him.

    He plunged through the fog, onto the overhang above the demon, and he leaped down. Driving the axe down into the demons h…

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