• FutureKnight785

    I have tried out a lot of weapons when playing Dark Souls, but I can't seem to find the best (or most effective) weapon in the game. I was wondering if anyone could help me out.

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  • Reece A Bowser

    Aldrich, Saint of the Deep was a cleric according to Hawkwood who grew a habit for devouring men. He devoured so many men that he bloated and softened into a black sludge covered in bones. He was put into the Cathedral of the Deep and was named a Lord of Cinder not for virtue, but for might. He was not made a Lord of Cinder for his right to be one but he was made a Lord of Cinder because he was incredibly powerful. A popular theory on Aldrich is that he ate the last god being Gwyndolin, he then ate Nito and Priscilla too. Now, although this theory briefly explains why Aldrich looks and performs the way he does I’m going to explain why this is a lie.

    First off, Aldrich did in fact consume Gwyndolin of that is true. You can physically see Ald…

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  • Durianwithlegs

    About this wiki.

    October 13, 2018 by Durianwithlegs

    I've seen that a lot of pages concerning items and things from Dark Souls II and III are either incomplete, says wrong things about it, and may not even have data. I think that we, as a community, should fill all of things in. I'm not saying that you have to, just it would greatly benefit everyone. Thank you.

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  • Odysseus Knight

    It's me, Ody

    July 3, 2018 by Odysseus Knight

    So, just wrting stuff down. Trying new things.

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  • Danyboy900

    Hey I just resently introduced my farther to dark souls 3, he likes it but he is not as fast as he used to be (57 years old) so I thougth I would summon an npc to help him with the Dancer of the Boreal vally.

    Only issue is that there are no summoning signs anywhere he is embered and is level 0 hollowing, but still nothing. I have looking for an answer to this problem for over a week now and I feel like im going insane. I even did some of the quest that would unlock these npcs (the ones whos time limit hadn't run out yet)  is it really necessary to heal the dark sigil, to be able to summon, does the players level have any influence to how many summoning signs the can see, is my copy of dark souls 3 corrupt, i just dont know? 

    PS. this is on t…

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  • Kerbert27

    Fashion Souls III

    April 28, 2018 by Kerbert27

    Great Lord of Cinder
    -Chain helm
    -Firelink Armor
    -Undead Legion Gauntlets
    -Dragonslayer Leggings

    Faraam Knight

    -Iron Helm
    -Faraam Armor
    -Faraam gauntlets
    -Northern boots

    High King
    -Pontiff Knight Crown
    -Brass Armor
    -Brigand Gauntlets
    -Leggings of Favor

    Fallen Knight+
    -Fallen Knight Helm/Thief Mask
    -Black Hand Armor/Fallen Knight Armor
    -Drang Gauntlets
    -Follower Boots/Sunless Boots

    Cinder Knight
    -Nameless Knight Helmet
    -Firelink Armor
    -Firelink Gauntlets
    -Elite Knight Leggings

    The Jarl of Ariandel 
    -Wolnir's Crown
    -Follower Armor
    -Northern Gauntlets
    -Harald Trousers

    Londor Hunter
    -Drakeblood Helm
    -Drang Armor
    -Drang Gauntlets
    -Drakeblood Leggings

    Way of White Herald
    -Alva Helm
    -Herald Armor
    -Silver Knight Gauntlets
    -Knight Leggings

    Profaned Farron Captain
    -Dancer's Crown
    -Wolf Knig…

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  • Alva the Cliff Jumper

    Ah! It's good to be back with another chapter! I'm sad to say there wasn't a lot of buzz around Chp 2 (Tbf though it was rather long) so I hope it was just a timing thing. But, in regards to this chapter and the next few, they are more or less character focused and not too heavy on plot. A new character that will be with Alex and Amy will be introduced here and it is a slow buildup to the meeting of the Crown (Chp 7) and inevitably the dangerous trip to Belton. 

    This is 17 pages, I don't have the word count right now though sadly. As for when this came out, it was orignally made on Jaunary 25th 2018, but then recieved edits since then to bring it to the point it is currently at now. 

    Without further adiue: Enjoy! 

    Graywall station, one of the…

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  • Alva the Cliff Jumper

    Hello, gals, lovelies, and other things that go bump in the night! As I promised here's the next chapter. If I was to say anything on this, it would be that this Chapter was a hard one to write due to trying to decide who the main lead is. Since many people liked Amy and it would be best to look through the eyes (or eye, in this case) of someone who is also wet behind the ears to this world, I thought it would be best to set her as the main lead instead of her father. Besides that, there is a scene transition in this story that may be jarring to some, so I will let you know now that it is intentional. 

    As always: This was originally finished on February 10th, yet received heavy rewrites and scene restructures since then. It is 22 pages long…

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  • Alva the Cliff Jumper

    Welcome back, pretties! Due to the huge support from the previous chapter, I decided to show the next one off. This one is subsequently longer, being 8711 words and 16 pages. It was made on January 25th because that was a question for the last one.

    As always, I hope you enjoy, and feel free to give any criticism you may have at the bottom, though do realize I may not take it. Thank you for your support, and enjoy.

    Beneath the gaze of the setting sun, the city known as Graywall continued to run like a never-ending machine, tireless in function and occupation. Smokestacks rose into the orange sky, blasting their dreaded fumes into the air with limitless scorn, perfectly personified in the black smoke. Below, the working class—attending to thei…

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  • FutureGamesStudio

    So you know when you're starting out for the first time and your a noob at the game, well that was me (until I joined this wiki). After it took me forever to reach the Undead Male Merchant , because I couldn't figure out how to beat the two Hollow Soldiers (wielding spears). I kept getting mad because I could beat the ones wielding swords but not them. About thirty minutes goes by and I finally figure out how to beat them without dieing. I then go and I find the merchant. Well once he starts talking, he eventually says something about how once I die he would take my stuff and sell it. Well I thought (with me being a noob) that he was planning on backstabbing me, so went and I killed him. He dropped a Uchigatana and I was happy, until I rea…

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