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For the katana, see Bloodlust.

Bloodlust is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Stain blade with one's own blood to temporarily grant uncanny sharpness. For one driven by bloodlust, nothing deserves to remain standing.


When performed, the user flips the weapon, grabs the blade, and proceeds to stab him/herself. The user then pulls out the weapon, giving the weapon extra bleed and physical damage for 50 seconds. This skill requires 10 FP to perform (8 FP when Farron Ring is equipped).



As suggested by the name and the description, this skill allows to buff the weapon with Bleed. The skill also buffs the weapon with additional physical damage. Effective against all enemies, especially against enemies weak to bleed.

Online gameplayEdit

The additional bleed and physical damage can deal high damage to players, even more if they are able to be bled out.



  • When performing this skill, it is best to have a Bleed Resistance of 201 and above to prevent being bled out, as you receive 200 bleed damage from the stab.
  • The amount of physical damage you receive depends solely on your max health. For example: When the user has a max health of 403, 1585, and 2102, the user receives 63, 98, and 114, respectively.
  • The skill increases the weapon's attack power by 30%.
  • Before the user stabs him/herself, he/she briefly gains a raw absorption of 50% against all physical and elemental attacks. This can stack with Perseverence.
  • If the user is able to strike an enemy behind them while performing the skill, the user will stagger out of the skill, cancelling the buff. However, the enemy will receive immense damage, almost double the damage from a charged 2h strong attack.
  • This skill can be parried.


This skill's animation is identical to the Bewitched Alonne Sword in Dark Souls II.

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