For the katana, see Bloodlust.

Bloodlust is a skill in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Stain blade with one's own blood to temporarily grant uncanny sharpness. For one driven by bloodlust, nothing deserves to remain standing.


When performed, the user flips the sword, grabs the blade, and proceeds to stab themselves with it. The user then pulls it out, giving the weapon 30% more Physical damage as well as an additional Bleed build-up for 50 seconds. As the buff animation takes a bit over 4 seconds, the effective duration will be about 45 seconds.

The skill requires 10 FP to perform (8 FP when Farron Ring is equipped) and causes 200 Bleed build-up on the user as well as Physical damage, which is based on the user's maximum HP and ignores both defenses and absorption.


Single playerEdit

Due to the sword being non-buffable, this skill is crucial in order to maximize its damage potential. Due to it being a physical buff, it is always effective. However, care must be taken when combating enemies that cause Bleed build-up, as even a single hit can greatly damage the player following an activation.

Online gameplayEdit

The additional Bleed and Physical damage can deal high damage to players, especially if they are susceptible to Bleed. However, care must be taken as opponents may have a number of Bleed-inflicting gear on them, such as Kukris, Gnaw or Splintering Bolts, all of which can easily bleed the user out after they activate the buff.



  • Due to the flat 200 Bleed build-up dealt to the player upon activating Bloodlust, it is recommended to have at least 201 Bleed resistance to prevent being bled out instantly. More resistance can still be helpful, unless the player is certain they will receive no further Bleed build-up from enemies.
    • The Bleed build-up caused by the skill will have completely dissipated after approximately 28 seconds. This means that the buff will only bleed the user out if they have less than 201 resistance or if they use the skill again before its duration has run out.
  • As with most buffs, activating Bloodlust while it's already active will reapply the buff, which refreshes its duration. The buff being active does not affect the damage or Bleed dealt to the user.
  • The amount of damage dealt to the player upon activation is a function of their max HP, and ignores both absorption and defenses. When performed, the player receives .156% to .05% of their max health. The exact damage dealt seems to increase the higher the max health is.
  • Before the user stabs themselves, they briefly gain a 50% absorption against all damage types. This can stack with Perseverance.
  • If the user is able to strike an enemy behind them while performing the skill, they will stagger out of the skill, canceling the buff. However, the enemy will receive immense damage, almost double the damage from a charged two-handed strong attack.
  • This skill can be parried.