The Blossom Kite Shield is a medium shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A rare shield depicting a blossoming flower, that soothes the weary heart of its bearer.
What makes flowers beautiful, and why are we comforted when we gaze upon them? Sadly the flower depicted on this shield went extinct long ago.
Effect: stamina recovery


The Blossom Kite Shield is found in a chest in the Memory of Vammar, past the large alleyway with Giants and Royal Soldiers fighting, off to the left before entering the broken building.

Scholar of the First SinEdit

In Scholar of the First Sin, the shield can be found on a corpse on the far left wall of the flooded area in Sinner's Rise, just after exiting the elevator room.


Much like the Grass Crest Shield from Dark Souls, the Blossom Kite Shield raises stamina regeneration by about 5% (similar to the effects of the Slumbering Dragon Shield), and it stacks with the Chloranthy Ring or a Green Blossom. Like the Grass Crest Shield, it is unremarkable in terms of physical defense, but it does boast high elemental and status resistances.

When infused with Poison, this shield will block 100% of all poison damage, making it an attractive addition to any player's arsenal when traversing The Gutter and Black Gulch. Additionally, the innately-high bleed status reduction makes it a suitable choice against the Dark Stalkers found in No-man's Wharf.


  • This shield's design was based on one of the winners of the Dark Souls II Shield Design Contest, the Rose Shield.

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