Blue-eyed Durgo, or the Greatbow Phantom, is a dark spirit in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

The hero Durgo, an expert bowman, and his brother-in-law defended their homeland from aggressors. In spite of Lanafir's policy of isolationism, Durgo was well known even beyond its domain.[1]


Encountered in Drangleic Castle in NG+, at the King's Gate leading to the Throne of Want after the Giant's Kinship has been obtained.




Blue-eyed Durgo was a famous and talented archer from Lanafir. He is remembered for defending his homeland from aggressors with his brother-in-law. Despite Lanafir's policy of isolationism, his name was well known beyond its borders.[1]


  • Does not invade the player's world. He is already found standing guard in Drangleic Castle in NG+.
  • On rare occasions, he may drop his hat when defeated.


Item Durgo's Hat
Durgo's Hat
Drop Rate ???


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