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For the Dark Souls II covenant, see Blue Sentinels.
For the covenant item, see Blue Sentinels (item).

The Blue Sentinels is a covenant in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

When a member of the way of Blue is threatened by a dark spirit, the Blue Sentinels, in compliance with an ancient accord, assume the form of blue spirits, and help to root out the invader.

How to joinEdit

The covenant item is received from Horace the Hushed upon first meeting him at the Halfway Fortress bonfire in the Road of Sacrifices.


The Blue Sentinels are a covenant (along with the Blade of the Darkmoon) that puts special emphasis on aiding players in the Way of Blue Covenant that have been invaded.


With the parchment (covenant item) equipped, the player will be automatically summoned to the world of a way of blue member who has been invaded. This summoning can take place anywhere a summon sign can be laid. After being summoned, the player, now a blue phantom, must protect the host and aid in the defeat the invader(s) to receive a Proof of a Concord Kept before returning to their world



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