Bone King Robe
Bone King Robe
Icon DaSII PhyDef 71 Icon DaSII Poise -
Icon DaSII StrikeDef 77 Icon DaSII PsnDef 36
Icon DaSII SlashDef 68 Icon DaSII BldDef 23
Icon DaSII ThrustDef 68 Icon DaSII PetrifyDef 28
Icon DaSII MagDef 45 Icon DaSII CurseDef 45
Icon DaSII FireDef 50
Icon DaSII LtnDef 41 Icon DaSII Durability 65
Icon DaSII DarkDef 63 Icon DaSII Weight 3.8
Required & Bonus Attributes
Icon DaSII Strength Icon DaSII Dexterity Icon DaSII Intelligence Icon DaSII Faith Icon DaSII Def Bonus
Type Chest Armor

The Bone King Robe a is chest armor in Dark Souls II. It is part of the Bone King Set.

In-Game Description

Skeleton Lord armor.
High dark defense.
The Old Iron King lead his best men on Undead hunts, but their memories were purged in rebirth. The very men who were sent to hunt down the Undead were themselves hollowed, and founded a kingdom of bone.


Sold by Titchy Gren for 6,000 souls only to members of the Brotherhood of Blood and after defeating the Skeleton Lords.


Has relatively high elemental defenses, and is also lightweight.


Like several other chest pieces, equipping this robe will remove the player character's backmounted quiver. This has no effect other than the visual removal of the quiver.