The Bone Staff is a staff in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Staff crafted with animal bones. A catalyst for sorceries and hexes.
Properly trained sorcerers receive their first staff from their master after reaching a certain level of accomplishment. Those without proper training must devise something of their own making.


The Bone Staff is found in a chest in the Lost Bastille, in the room with two Royal Swordsmen and a Pharros' Contraption.

Make sure you have the Antiquated Key to get inside.


With an initial D-scaling in Magic Bonus and A-scaling in Dark Bonus, the Bone Staff is intended to primarily cast hexes. However, it is also the heaviest staff in the game, making it a liability with low Vitality builds or if the player equips heavier armor.

The Bone Staff's greatest strength is early availability as well as upgrading with standard Titanite, allowing players to take advantage of powerful Hex attacks early on. However, it is eventually outclassed, both in weight and flexibility, by other staves like the Sunset Staff and Black Witch's Staff.

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