Bonfire III
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Bonfires are a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls III.


Interacting with a bonfire will allow the player to sit at its edge, which refills the player's HP and both the Estus Flask and Ashen Estus Flask uses as well as cancelling any negative status effects occurred in the world - such as poison and bleed build up. Utilizing a bonfire will also reset enemies in the area and cannot be used while being actively pursued by one. The player can also teleport between any bonfire they have lit. When a player dies, they will be revived at the last bonfire they rested at or most recently lit, making bonfires act as checkpoints in the world.

Note: Resting at a bonfire does not reset a player's "Hollowing".

Bonfire locationsEdit

Cemetery of AshEdit

  • Cemetery of Ash
    • Once the player emerges from the enclosed area of the cemetery, turning left as they reach the cliffside and coming to the top of a small incline.
  • Iudex Gundyr
    • Shortly after the Cemetery of Ash bonfire, down a short winding path there is an arena area where the player will fight Iudex Gundyr. The bonfire will appear once the boss is defeated.

High Wall of LothricEdit

  • Tower on the Wall
    • Heading left from the previous bonfire eventually leads to a dragon encounter, entering the tower beyond the dragon, and taking the stairs on the right hand side to the top of the tower will lead to this bonfire.

Undead SettlementEdit

  • Undead Settlement
    • Immediately past the gate that is opened to let out the skeletal hounds is a rickety house on the cliffside, the bonfire is inside the house.
  • Cliff Underside
    • Where the player encounters a bridge followed by an area filled with explosive barrels, dropping down on the far side of the bridge and heading right on the path below leads to a building, the bonfire is inside.
  • Dilapidated Bridge
    • Found where the sewers and village paths converge, before reaching the cemetery.

Road of SacrificesEdit

  • Halfway Fortress
    • From the Road of Sacrifices bonfire, after fighting through the area filled with Corvians and crossing the bridge the player encounters a small open area down a set of stairs with the bonfire in the middle.
  • Farron Keep
    • From the Halfway Fortress, carrying on in a straight line across the swamp from the bottom of the hill, the player will come to a large bit of land, where two Exile Watchdogs will be fought, entering the building past them and descending the ladder leads to the bonfire.

Cathedral of the DeepEdit

Catacombs of CarthusEdit

Irithyll of the Boreal ValleyEdit

Lothric CastleEdit

Archdragon PeakEdit

Kiln of the First FlameEdit


  • Resting at a bonfire for the first time will grant the "Rest" gesture.
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