Bradley of the Old Guard is a summon in Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin.


Bradley of the Old Guard can be summoned at the following locations:


Bradley of the Old Guard wears the Alva Set and wields the Heide Spear and a Disc Chime.


Under pressure, Bradley will cast Sunlight Blade, making him more powerful. When he is injured, he will use estus on himself, and when there are no aggravated enemies in the area, he will beckon the player before casting Great heal (if the host is hurt). He will also use a few assorted miracles such as Force and Emit force if he has distance between his enemies. He can also use Heavenly thunder if the enemy he is fighting is fairly large, or if there are a crowd of enemies, although it is generally used on the bosses.

Unfortunately, as a shade he will not last until the boss if he is used to assist with the level's enemies, however in Shaded wood and for Drangleic Castle, he has a large sign soapstone placed down.


In both No-man's Wharf and the Shaded Ruins, Bradley will only use the Duel Bow gesture on arrival and departure, and the I won't bite gesture to heal you. However, during the final battles in Drangleic Castle, he will use a variety of gestures after the bosses are defeated. These include Joy, Warcry and Fist pump, followed up by duel bow.