For the Dark Souls variant, see Brigand Trousers.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Brigand Trousers (Dark Souls II).

The Brigand Trousers are a legs armor in Dark Souls III. They are part of the Brigand Set.

In-Game Description

Trousers from a foreign land
Probably belong to a brigand who met his match.
In foreign lands, undead were banished to send a message to populace, and when the message was not heard, they banished the living, too.


In the Road of Sacrifices, the player can locate this set prior to crossing the bridge leading to the Halfway Fortress Bonfire. There will be a cave with a Butcher Knife-wielding NPC. Inside the cave will be the set.


This item's appearance varies depending on the player's gender. The male variant has baggier trousers and boots, while the female variant has shorter trousers, darker cloth wrappings and ankle-length shoes.

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