Brightbugs are consumable items in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King.

In-Game Description

A tiny bug that produces light. Brightbugs are said to comfort the dead, and are found in the marshlands leading to the Undead Crypt.
By ingesting a brightbug just before death, the moment at which they glow most brightly, one attains great power for a short time. Often utilized as a last-resort for adventurers who have lost their way.
Has no effect in other worlds or for phantoms.



When consumed, the player will deal 20% more damage and receive 20% less damage. Effects last for two minutes. Brightbugs cannot be used while a phantom is present.


  • Brightbugs are the "little ones" the Milfanito refer they sing to, and which keep the Lizardmen lurking in the waters dormant.

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