The Broken Pendant is a key item in Dark Souls. It is exclusive to the Artorias of the Abyss DLC.

In-Game Description

Half of a broken stone pendant. The vine appears to originate from Oolacile.
A powerful magic can be sensed from this ancient stone. Yet men of this time can neither manipulate nor sense its power, which has a distinct air consisting of both reverence and nostalgia.


Golem broken pendant

Blue Crystal Golem

Dropped by a respawning Crystal Golem located near the beginning of The Duke's Archives. The Golem will only drop the pendant if Dusk of Oolacile has been rescued from within the Golden Crystal Golem, which can be found in an alcove past the Hydra in Darkroot Basin.

The pendant can be obtained even if the player has killed the Golem prior to rescuing Dusk.

General informationEdit

Possessing the Broken Pendant will cause a black portal to spawn at the location where Dusk was rescued, allowing the player to travel back in time, accessing the Artorias of the Abyss content.

Upon interaction with the portal, the hand of Manus reaches through time and pulls the player in a violent manner.


  • A pendant is mentioned in the description of the Soul of Manus as an item of great importance and the reason for his descent into insanity. However, there is no other connection between Manus and this pendant.

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