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Bursting Fireball is a pyromancy in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Pyromancy of old restored by Cornyx. One of the Great Swamp's more advanced spells.
Hurls an exploding fireball.
A rare technique that undergoes change after leaving the caster's hand, making this a spell renowned for its difficulty.


Sold by Cornyx of the Great Swamp for 5,000 souls once he has been given the Great Swamp Pyromancy Tome.


Hurls an fireball at the target that splits into several smaller ones, dealing Fire damage.

Strategy Edit

PvE Edit

This Pyromancy could be used to kill efficiently a quite large amount of weak foes that are hunting the player down. It's not suggested to use it in other cases due to the small damage output.

PvP Edit

Bursting Fireball is almost useless in PvP, unless if during an invasion as a Red Phantom to inflict some extra damage to Gankers, but nothing more.

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