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Cage Spiders are enemies in Dark Souls III.


A mass of corpses crammed into a cage, these enemies lie in wait before ambushing victims.



Cage Spiders, on account of their cages, are resistant to slash and strike attacks, but vulnerable to thrust attacks and fire. Although they do not inflict much damage, their erratic and flailing attacks can be frustrating when trying to kill them with short-range weapons due to the fact they easily stagger you. They are best fought with spears, throwing knives, firebombs or pyromancy.

Dormant cage spiders can be easily revealed by locking on to them.

Talking variant Edit

Hidden somewhere in the Undead Settlement is a non-hostile cage spider that talks (and sings) to you, and so drops hints about how to enter the Mound-makers covenant.


Item Fading Soul (DSIII)
Fading Soul ×5
Drop Rate ???


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