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Cale the Cartographer is a character in Dark Souls II.

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Cale is first encountered in a mine-like area in the Forest of Fallen Giants. He will later relocate to the basement of the abandoned house in Majula after his dialogue is exhausted, The Last Giant is defeated, and the basement of the house has been cleared of enemies.


After speaking to him several times, Cale will give the player the House Key, which unlocks the large, abandoned mansion in Majula and allowing the player a place to stay in Majula.

His dialogues say that he is from Mirrah. He recalls that a murderer has escaped from prison there. Cale seems to have lost his memory, but is able to recall he has met a man very similar to the murderer. Cale couldn't recall this man's name, but his stammering is enough for the player to understand he's talking about Creighton of Mirrah.

After lighting all the flames on the map he will give you his armor, Cale's Set as a reward and also unlock the trophy/achievement "Curious Map"


  • If you use a bonfire ascetic at the Majula bonfire, Cale will disappear until you deal with the enemies at the basement and sometimes if you don't take them out all at once and then respawn and kill the remaining, he will not show up at his spot. This is most likely a bug and can be rectified by using another bonfire ascetic and taking all the enemies out without dying.

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