Dark Souls 2 Cast Speed Testings00:17

Dark Souls 2 Cast Speed Testings

Casting Speed
is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls II.

A character's casting speed decides how quickly they can cast spells. It affects the entire spell-casting animation.

Casting speed affects all types of magic, and appears to get diminishing returns on quick casting magic. This means that spells like Soul Arrow and Resonant Soul will get only a marginal boost after a certain level of cast speed, while slower magic like Lightning Spear and Chaos Storm will cast considerably faster with higher Casting Speed.

All catalysts also have their own cast speeds. This speed affects the speed of the cast equally to the player's stat. Examples of catalysts with high casting speed are Caitha's Chime and the Dragon Chime. It is also possible to increase casting speed by wearing a Clear Bluestone Ring.


  • Casting Speed is influenced by Attunement, Faith, and Intelligence.
  • One level of Attunement will increase cast speed at roughly twice the rate of one level of Faith or Intelligence.
  • Casting Speed rises by two points until it is 115.
  • Casting speed increases for every two levels in Attunement and every four levels in Faith or Intelligence. The softcap is at 115 at which point it requires four levels in Attunement and eight levels in Faith or Intelligence to increase. The hardcap is at 126 where it will need eight levels in Attunement and 16 levels in Faith or Intelligence to increase.

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