For the Dark Souls variant, see Catarina Set.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Catarina Set (Dark Souls II).

The Catarina Set is an heavy armor set in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Distinctively shaped armor worn by the Knights of Catarina.
Often ridiculed for its onion-like shape, infuriating the country's proud knights, but the masterfully forged curved design makes it very effective for deflecting blows.


  • Dropped by Siegward of Catarina.
  • Dropped or sold by Unbreakable Patches if certain progress has been made throughout Siegward's questline.
  • Can be given to the player or found as part of the whole set for completing Siegward's questline.
    • Meet Siegward in Undead Settlement at the elevator leading to Road of Sacrifices. Step on elevator plate to bring it down allowing Siegward to ride it back up. Head back up and step on plate before immediately getting off elevator to allow it to go down revealing another platform. Step on the second platform and ride the elevator up. Around 1/2 way Siegward's dialogue can be heard (hmmm....hmmmm...) which is when the player should roll/jump to a platform (player is suggested to ride elevator all the way up and back down before jumping). Find Siegward sitting outside, exhaust his dialogue, and defeat the fire demon in the small village. Exhaust his dialogue after the defeat to earn a Siegbräu and the gestures Toast followed by Sleep.
    • After kindling the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire located in the Cathedral of the Deep, the player should progress through the area until Unbreakable Patches is found. The player can either kill Patches to acquire Patches' Ashes and the Catarina Set or the player can continue Patches' questline returning him to Firelink Shrine and purchasing the set. Once the set is obtained through either measure, the player must return to the Cleansing Chapel Bonfire and head out the entry door and take an immediate right to find a well. When the player nears the well Siegward's dialogue will begin. He will express his need for his armor set which the player will give to him receiving his utmost thanks, appreciation, and the gesture Rejoice.
    • The third phase has the player in the Irithyll of the Boreal Valley area and finding Siegward in the kitchen just through the murky-waste waters (just beyond the Excrement-covered Ashes). Siegward will be sitting in front of the fire enjoying a drink. Once exhausting his dialogue, he will give the player the quenching Siegbräu along with the Miracle Emit Force.
    • The next step to this lengthy questline is finding Siegward in a locked cell in the Profaned Capital. The player can either find Siegward behind the barred side of his cell and exhaust his dialogue, or the player must acquire the Old Cell Key and jump from the roof where the Court Sorcerer attacks into a window. After heading up two flights of stairs the player can open the cell and exhaust Siegward's dialogue to obtain a Titanite Slab and to further the questline to the last step.
    • The final step is to make way to Yhorm the Giant and enter the arena. An exclusive cut scene will show Siegward enter in after the player with added dialogue expressing his old friendship with the Giant. After defeating Yhorm, the player can speak with Siegward and receive his set, the Pierce Shield, his Storm Ruler (allowing the player to have two per playthrough), and 1,000 souls. NOTE: if the player doesn't receive the set, the player can travel away and return to find it as a lootable item in the arena where Yhorm was defeated.


Normally worn by knights of Catarina, the Catarina Set offers high poise and great protection against physical attacks and bleed resistance. Unfortunately, provided its heavy weight, the Catarina Set falls short in protection against all elements, providing minimal resistance considering its weight class.

Set piecesEdit

Armor Piece Physical absorption Elemental absorption Resistances General values
Catarina Helm (DSIII)
Catarina Helm
5.4 4.6 5.6 5.0 4.3 4.7 5.5 5.0 34 27 27 17 7.7 5.7 460 500
Catarina Armor (DSIII)
Catarina Armor
14.7 12.8 15.4 14.1 11.4 12.4 14.6 13.1 74 57 57 33 17.9 15.9 460 500
Catarina Gauntlets (DSIII)
Catarina Gauntlets
3.8 3.4 4.2 3.7 3.0 3.3 33.8 3.4 29 22 22 14 6.0 3.1 470 500
Catarina Leggings (DSIII)
Catarina Leggings
8.5 7.4 9.3 8.3 6.0 6.0 7.8 6.8 47 36 35 21 11.1 9.2 470 500

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