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Cathedral Grave Wardens are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Grave Wardens are servants of the Church of the Deep and are tasked with disposing of the ever-rising corpses that infest the Cathedral's grounds. They resemble ragged skeletal humanoids that wield Warden Twinblades in combat.


  • Cathedral of the Deep
    • The first warden is found guarding the small cemetery located just in front of the cathedral's main gates.
    • A pair of wardens patrol a small terrace found after making way through the roofs and just before reaching the backside of the cathedral.
  • Untended Graves
    • Two are found near the beginning of the level, making rounds at the courtyard with the broken fountain.


Cathedral Grave Wardens have moderate vitality and are surprisingly durable despite their frail appearance. They are very agile, aggressive fighters that will close the distance quickly with either a lunging stab or twirling slash; it is advisable to roll forward to evade this, as they can clip the player if they evade to the side. Their attacks cause rapid bleed buildup and they will drain stamina very quickly if blocked.

Grave Wardens are very vulnerable to backstabs after they have finished their combos, as long as the player moves behind them whilst they are in the attack animation, as they will quickly reposition themselves. They are also very weak to fire damage and will flail wildly if ignited.




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