For this item Dark Souls II, see Channeler's Trident (Dark Souls II).

The Channeler's Trident is a spear in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Trident of the Six-eyed Channelers, sorcerers who serve Seath the Scaleless in collecting human specimens.
Thrusted in circular motions in a unique martial arts dance that stirs nearby allies into a bloodthirsty frenzy.


The Channeler's Trident is dropped by Channelers. Non-respawning ones appear in the Undead Parish and the Depths, while several respawning channelers can be found in The Duke's Archives. The Channeler's Trident is one of the rarest weapons in the game. The fastest way to obtain the Channeler's Trident if it hasn't already been acquired is by killing the three Channelers that spawn near the third bonfire at the balcony in The Duke's Archives while wearing the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring or Symbol of Avarice along with ten liquid humanity.


Damage-wise, the Channeler's Trident is a superior alternative to the Moonlight Butterfly Horn (which exclusively deals Magic Damage). Owing to the Channeler's Trident dealing both Physical and Magical Damage (Magical Damage is near-exact to that of the Moonlight Butterfly Horn), it deals much higher damage in most cases (with the exception of a 100% Physical-blocking shield).

However, it features a less responsive moveset than the Moonlight Butterfly Horn and requires more Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence to wield. Its scaling is above average with both Intelligence and Dexterity, and is minimal with Strength. Also, when swapping a weapon with the Channeler's Trident during a roll and buffing the weapon, doing the two-handed buff attack damages both enemies and friendly phantoms.

The two-handed strong attack is a dance that increases the damage output of allies temporarily at the cost of 80 weapon durability.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
A quick thrust.
Strong Attack
A less-than-average speed thrust, but the trident rotates during the thrust, potentially hitting the target up to three times.
Weak Attack
Similar to the one-handed weak attack, but slightly slower.
Strong Attack
A buff that increases damage dealt by allies (but not the user) by 40% for a short time. This includes allied summons if the user is a host and monsters if the user is a hostile phantom.
Jump Attack The player executes a jump, whilst thrusting the trident forward in a downwards, diagonal direction.
Running Attack A thrust.
Rolling Attack The player swings the weapon overhead, and then smashes it into the ground.
Kick Standard kick.
Weak Attack
Standard block.
Strong Attack
A quick thrust.


Requires: Twinkling Titanite and 2,000 souls per upgrade.
Variation Attack Values Parameter Bonus Damage Reduction
Dmg phy Dmg mag Dmg fire Dmg lght Para str Para dex Para int Para faith Dmgrd phy Dmgrd mag Dmgrd fire Dmgrd lght
Channeler's Trident 70 115 E C B 40 10 30 30
Channeler's Trident +1 (Twinkling Titanite ×1) 77 126 E C B 40 10 30 30
Channeler's Trident +2 (Twinkling Titanite ×1) 84 138 E C B 40 10 30 30
Channeler's Trident +3 (Twinkling Titanite ×2) 91 149 E C B 40 10 30 30
Channeler's Trident +4 (Twinkling Titanite ×2) 98 161 E C B 40 10 30 30
Channeler's Trident +5 (Twinkling Titanite ×4) 105 172 E C B 40 10 30 30