Not to be confused with Chaos (Upgrade Path).
"Chaos weapons are demon weapons augmented by humanity which inflict fire damage."
Chaos Flame Ember

Dmg fire Chaos is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls.


The Chaos concept is associated with the lost city of Izalith, and applies to several things, from imbued and upgraded weapons, to specialized pyromancies, and a host of demon enemies.

General InformationEdit

Chaos is an effect possessed by specific weapons, that can be attained by either upgrading a weapon down the Chaos Upgrade Path or using one that is innately imbued.

Ascension is achieved through Vamos, a Fire +5 Weapon, and the Chaos Flame Ember.


Chaos weapons inherit the nature of the Chaos Flame.[1] The Chaos aspect adds Fire Damage to a weapon, but removes all stat scaling bonuses. Instead, Chaos weapons scale with humanity (up to 10).


The following is a list of weapons that are innately imbued with the Chaos mechanic.

The following is a list of weapons that were created by chaos demons but do not have the Chaos mechanic.


Chaos pyromancies leave behind pools of lava in the wake of casting, dealing 33% of the initial damage.

Great Chaos Fireball does not scale with humanity, despite what the description states. Pyromancies can only be improved by upgrading and ascending the Pyromancy Flame used to cast them.


In the Age of Ancients, the Witch of Izalith and her Daughters of Chaos wove great and powerful firestorms. At the time, the Witch and her followers were powerful flame sorcerers who lived in the city of Izalith. Blacksmiths of the ancient city crafted powerful weapons using Chaos arts. Thus, during the earliest known ages of the world, Chaos developed its reputation as a powerful force.

Eventually, the Witch of Izalith attempted to duplicate the First Flame. What she instead produced was a twisted being of chaotic fire: the Bed of Chaos, source of all demons.[2] Several of the Witch's daughters were transformed into chaos demons, and her son became the monstrous Ceaseless Discharge.

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