The Chaos Shield is a medium shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Shield of darkness and chaos.
Navlaan claims to have sealed himself away to prevent tragedy, but how could a sorcery truly possess a will of it's own?
Truth can be elusive, and the tales surrounding him are questionable. Only it is clear a strange power possesses this shield.

In-Game Description

Shield of darkness and chaos.
Once, a brilliant young sorcerer cast away his earthly desires, devoting himself entirely to the dark that bewitched him.
Nebulous, inky, and serene, the Dark holds an allure matched only by the fear it strikes in men's hearts. Could it be nature, holding a mirror to mankind?


A rare drop from the caged Enhanced Undead in Aldia's Keep. The drop rate is extremely low, even with a very high amount of item discovery; bonfire ascetics may need to be used.

In Scholar of the First Sin, it is sold by Felkin the Outcast for 7,500 souls.

Characteristics Edit

Along with the transitional update in Scholar of the First Sin, the defensive statistics (namely the Physical, Magic, Lightning, and Dark damage reductions) of the shield were also buffed, while the stability was significantly reduced from 45 to 30.

As of currently, the Chaos Shield stands on a very odd place within the category of standard shields.

It has great Magic and Lightning Resistances, excellent Dark Resistance, and yet though it has an innate infusion in Fire its Fire Reduction is lower than expected. What makes it even stranger is how infusing this shield with certain elements changes it in bizarre instances, the most prominent though are explained in the "Notes" category of this page.

It is one of the few shields that when infused with Dark will grant immunity to Dark damage.


  • Infusing this shield with Bleed or Poison gives it an "S" scaling in Fire.
  • Infusing this shield with Fire is almost useless, the infusion will increase Fire Resistance by a tiny amount and will bring down all resistances minimally, both physical and Fire damage will increase, but again, by a small amount, barely noticeable changes.
  • Infusing with either Lightning or Magic will make the shield block by an amount of almost 95%, an amazing amount of defence right from the beginning of the game.
  • The Chaos Shield upgrades with Twinkling Titanite up to +5.
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