Chester's Black Zweihander is a weapon, presumably a greatsword, which was removed as a usable weapon from the final release of the Artorias of the Abyss DLC.


As the name states, this weapon was intended to be connected to Marvelous Chester in the Royal Wood, either as a dropped weapon, or as a gift to the player. However, as it was cut from the final release of the game, it is unknown how the player would have obtained it.

Due to its nature as cut content, Chester's Black Zweihander is simply a texture in the game files. This means that even if the player modified their save file, it would not have its own stats anyway, as an existing weapon's model has to be overridden in order to 'obtain' it. Hence, the weapon can only be seen by those who are modifying the game to use its model.


  • Interestingly, Chester's Black Zweihander was not entirely removed from the game. It can be found scattered amongst the many blades surrounding the grave of Artorias in the Forest section of Darkroot Garden.
  • Although this weapon is labelled as a "Zweihander", when used by the prototype version of Chester, he only uses it in a one-handed grip.
  • Whilst the sword was intended to have been associated with Marvelous Chester, the Dark Souls Art Works contains an image of Shiva of the East wielding the sword instead.