For the Dark Souls variant, see Claw.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Claw (Dark Souls III).

The Claws are a claw in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A Weapon that attaches to the hands.
The wearer attacks in a scratching motion with these three-pronged claws. Claws inflict deep wounds and cause deep bleeding.


Can be purchased from Laddersmith Gilligan for 1,500 souls.


Although the description states the user attacks with a scratching motion, it uses the standard fist moveset.

When fully reinforced and infused with Bleed, the Claws can easily bleed most opponents. The high bleed build-up can be further augmented by the Crest of Blood as well as the Shadow Gauntlets. When power-stanced, these weapons inflict a high amount of bleed very quickly due to their attack speed.


Attack Description
Weak Attack
Quick jab. Further input yields a diagonal slash from the player's top left to bottom right.
Strong Attack
Strong downward punch. Further input yields a jump attack.
Weak Attack
Diagonal slash from bottom left to top right. Further input yields another diagonal strike from bottom right to top left.
Strong Attack
Downard strike. Further input yields a 360° spin into a horizontal slash from right to left.
Jump Attack Small jump into a thrusting attack into the ground.
Running Attack Powerful strike from the right to the left. Slightly diagonal starting at the top and ending at the bottom.
Rolling Attack Quick uppercut.
Rolling Attack
360° spin ending with an horizontal slash from right to left.
Power Stance Weak Attack
Two quick punches starting with the left hand followed by the right hand. Can hit twice.
Power Stance Strong Attack
Spin attack starting with the left hand. Can hit up to three times.
Guard break
Standard guard break.
Weak Attack
Mirror of right hand.
Strong Attack
Mirror of right hand.





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